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Yes2elouuni Laih A7ibek, 7oub Ma7abah Bashar.. (3)

"Ayouuuuuuhh! Galbii 3alaaaaaiiik eltaaaaaa3..!" Shaikha sang loudly as she entered the room with two large rolling traveling bags.

Fajer turned up the volume of the music on the iPod decker and sang along, "Maye7temiil ghaibetak welaa laiila, laiiiiila!"

Shaikha threw a pile of clothes on her large king size bed and started folding them. Fajer kicked off her flats and dragged herself over next to Shaikha to help her.

"Ay jeans akheth? Hatha wela hathaa?" Shaikha held out two jeans.

Fajer slowed down as she placed a emarald green jacket in the bag, "Mmmm... China hatha? Eeehh eeh hatha!" She pointed at the darker jeans. "It would match with everything.."

"Okay," said Shaikha and threw it in the bag. "Chena enough packing? MALAIT!" she whined.

Fajer laughed, "Bas you have to pack! You're leaving in a few days!"

"Inzain, I'll pack in the morning aww bacher belaail.. ALLAH YEKHAALEECH!" Shaikha whined even more, and started to stomp her feet on the ground.

Fajer stuck out her famous pout, "Laa, LAA! Qen3eeni ba3ad zyada mu ga3da teqne3eeni inech ra7 tkamleen bacher!"

"Fajouuuuuur!" Shaikha used her squeaky voice, "Pleaaaase!" She literally started jumping.

Fajer hysterically started laughing, she loved it when Shaikha did all the pleading. "Inzain, inzain, I was kidding ou kalaiteeni!"

"Ayaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..!" Shaikha ran, leaped over the couch, and mysteriously landed on it safely. She grabbed the large bag of Dorrito's and a can of Diet Coke.

"El7emdila wishiker, shabaaaab, shabaaab ana weyaach!" Fajer started giggling and walked over next to Shaikha.

Shaikha finally opened the bag of chips she was struggling with. She stuffed a couple of pieces in her mouth and handed the bag to Fajer, "Huh?" Her mouth was way to full for her to say something, anything!

"Salamat 3uuuumrich!" Fajer crossed her legs as she sat down in the other love-seat couch. "7e6aai Friends etha ma3alaich amer.."

Shaikha brushed her hands and grabbed the remote. "Enshaaaallah.. Tara ana 7a6a season eight," she said as she powered up the T.V. & DVD player.

"Eeh 3adi, kela wa7d," smiled Fajer. They absolutely loved friends.

The girls continued their night watching friends, pigging out, and having loads of love and laughs.

However, Fajer had absolutely no idea what was going on in Shaikha's mind. Shaikha was slowly getting shattered by even remembering the slightest, stupidest memory she'd ever had with Yousef.

8;54 am, the next morning.
Shaikha's bedroom.

An incoming call interrupted their deep sleep.

"Urghh!" grunted Fajer softly. "Who the fuck is calling nowww?!"

"Madriiiii.." Shaikha stuffed her face in the pillow. "Allah yekhaleech Faj, shoufaii minu.." She was in a terrible mood. She had one of those dreams about him again. Apparently, this time, Yousef and herself were back together in the dream.

"Aluu?" said Fajer, in her sleepy faded voice. It was pretty adorable.

"Aluu, elsalam 3alaaikum.." answered a man's voice. "El ikht Fajer?"

Fajer suddenly jerked up and pulled the covers from her, "Wa3alaikum elsaalaam.. Eeh, minu ma3ai?"

"Ana daag men sharekat VIVA.. Kentaai 7ajza khaa6 ma3ana ikhtee?" he asked huskily.

'Damn, 9outah eyanin!' thought Fajer as she smiled. She bit her index finger and kicked Shaikha. Fajer started jumping up and down slightly on the bed and pointed eagerly on her phone.

"Eeeh na3aam.." replied Fajer softly.

"Elraqaam 500***** 3adell ..? Baghaina net2akkad itha lail7een tabeenah wela laa2?" he asked.

Shaikha jumped and stared at Fajer. She was suspicious. What's going on?! Why is she so excited?! Million of reasons ran through her head as Fajer continued her mysterious phone call.

"Eeh walah lail7een abe el khaa6.." nodded Fajer.

"Khalas ikhte 3ayal inshalah etha momken tzoureen fer3na ib Avenues 3ashan takhtheen kha6ich? Bas lazm ma3aach be6aqtech el madaneyya etha ma3alaich amer.. Ou mureenah elyoum el3a9er yekoun aqaal za7ma.." his voice hinted that he was smiling.

"Eeeh inshalah elyoum amerkoum.." Fajer had this huge goofy smile that Shaikha simply adored.

"Ya36eech el3afia ikhtee etha az3ajnaach.."

"Laa, walaw mafeha iz3aaj!" said Fajer innocently. It didn't even seem like he woke her up from her deep sleep she was enjoying.

"Shukran letawasolich ma3aa VIVA, femaan allaah!" he said.

Fajer hung up her phone and stared at Shaikha, "Waiiii 9ouutah eyanin!" She went all googley eyes.

Shaikha laughed, "Sh9aayer?!"

After explaining her incident, Shaikha wagged her eyebrows, "Haa Fjaair?! 7ajza kha6 men waraanaa ashouuf?!"

Fajer gasped, "Chubay yala 3ad! kan 3ajebni el raqam ou 7a6aitah 3ala hold! Shqasdich balaa?!"She pouted.

"Faaj! Atqashmar weyaach shda3waaaa!" Shaikha giggled and poked her best friend.

"7asbale ba3ad! Waaaaaaalah!" Fajer pouted. She quickly switched her mood and fluttered her eyes quickly, "Enzaiiiiiin.. Tyeen ma3ai Ave?! Please please pretty please I just have to pick up the stupid line?"

Shaikha wagged her eyebrows again, "You just have to pick up the stupid liiiiine? Wela you just have to pick up the stupid hottieeeee?!"

Fajer laughed and threw a pillow at Shaikha, "Gamaii zain! I don't even know him! I just said 9outaah kan 7ilu!"

"Eeeh, eeh khair inshalah!" Shaikha winked and threw the covers off. She stretched and managed to say as she yawned, "Yala, yala goumai inrou7 netrayyaag bara ou nakhethlich kha6ich.. Ou lazm arou7 eljam3eya ashtireeli cham shaghlaa.."

"Okay, 7ayati, yala al7een.." Fajer smiled and got up.

After getting washed up, Fajer threw on her lavender Velour Juicy Couture track suit and wore a soft white blouse under the jacket. She added her accessories and bag, and wore a beige matching sandle to her outfit.

Shaikha got out of the bathroom and yawned again, "Waaaaaii 7ada feeni elnouuum Fajouur!" She walked to her closet room and stared at her closet for a long time. What the heck is she going to wear this time? She decide to go with plain and simple: light washed color jeans and an overly sized white t-shirt. Looking through her shoes, she decided to go with her maroon Converse.

After struggling through their long fight for fashion and looking good, the girls won the war. They finally climbed in Shaikha's car and headed out.

"Haa, wain elyoum?" Shaikha asked and looked at her best friend.

"Emm, walaah madri Shaiks.. Ayshai ib balech?" shrugged Fajer.

Shaikha took a moment to consider the places they could possibly have breakfast in. It was already 10:21 a.m, so basically everything was available.

"Tabeen chocolate bar marina? Yekoun fa'6y hal 7azaah.." suggested Shaikha.

Fajer smiled, "Chocolate pancakes malhoum mu sij!"

Shaikha giggled, "Yala, yala Chocolate Bar it is!"

After spending a few minutes in the car, the girls were there before they knew it. Shaikha picked a perfect spot over at Marina Crescent's parking spot by the sea. She pulled over and got down.

Fajer squinted despite her wearing her big sunglasses. "Urgh! Elshaaams!" she grunted.

"Ba3ad shinu metwaq3a? Snow ma3a wayhech?"

Fajer laughed and walked with Shaikha, wrapped in each other's arms. They went upstairs and headed towards Chocolate Bar, & just as Shaikha predicted, it was absolutely serene and quite. No one was dining.

"Yaay! A7ib chithee wanasa!" squealed Fajer.

Shaikha winked at her and smiled. She looked around waiting for the host to lead them to their table. She spotted him and said, "Table for two please! & oh, can we have our table outside please?"

"Yes ofcourse Ma'am!" said the host as he greeted her.

He opened the door for the girls. They picked the last table on the right.. they absolutely loved that table right there. A warm breeze stroke against their faces. They sat down and took a look at their menus.

A couple of chocolate pancakes and a round of coffee sounded good for them. They scuffled down their breakfast hungrily, and left happy.

Shaikha & Fajer agreed to head to Avenue first to pick up Fajer's phone line, then go to the Jam3eya & shop for whatever Shaikha needed.

As soon as Shaikha pulled over, Fajer opened the mirror in front of her passenger seat. She quickley reaplied her lipstick, 'Angel' by Mac. It was this very light pale pink that she absolutely adored. Meanwhile, Shaikha twisted the sides of her hair and pinned it up.

Shaikha grabbed her pink Louis Vuitton bag and closed the door slightly. Fajer was already out of the car and ready.

"Yalaah?" asked Shaikha.

Fajer nodded, "Lock your car."

Shaikha locked the doors and checked her phone as she walked over to the entrance. She quickly replied to the BBM's she'd received earlier as she was driving.

As they went up the escalator, Fajer nervously asked Shaikha, "Shakli zain Shaiks? Walah amaanah?"

Shaikha giggled, "Eeh walah 7ayati shaklech eyanin lat7ateen.."

For some reason, Fajer was worried. She had a strong feeling coming over that something big was about to happen. Not necessarily good, nor bad. Neither necessarily about her; it could possibly be about Shaikha too.

Fajer shook it off and tried to forget about the situation. She stepped out of the escalator and fixed her hair: she divided it into two parts and brought them both forward.

"Enzain, t3arfeen wain 9ayer VIVA asaasan?" Shaikha asked as she looked around the mall.

"Ambaih, la2 kilesh! At'thakar inee shiftah bas ma at'thakaar wain.." Fajer started biting her nails nervously.

Shaikha looked at her, "Fajouuur! Shfeech, shfeech? Bedainaa ib biting nails ashouuf?" Shaikha knew her best friend as well as she knew the back of her hand.

"Madri, I've just got a weird feeling.." Fajer stared at the floor. She didn't really know what to say.

"Aah, you and your feelings.." Shaikha shook her head, "El muhim.. OH! Kahuuuu VIVA!" she squealed inadvertantly. "Oh gosh, chinee ishta6ait akthar minech for some reason?"

Fajer laughed, "Eeeh! For some reason!" She was still nervous and started playing with her ring.

Shaikha furtively glanced at her. 'Shfeeha chithee khayyfa? La mu 6abee3eya Faj elyoum!'

The girls walked towards the VIVA stand. Apparently, it was in the middle of Avenues and it was pretty obvious. How could've they missed it?

An eye-catching man was sitting right there, minding his own business with his papers. He was so neat, wearing his white Dishdasha & Qetra.. Every girls dream: a classical Kuwaiti man.

They came to a full stop. Fajer took off her sunglasses and placed it on her head.

He stacked his papers on his right and realized that he had customers. As he looked up, Fajer had a shot of butterflies attacking her stomach.

- Ayyouuh, Classic Song.

I'm in pieces; baby, fix me.

Hey bloggers.. Sorry for simply stopping the previous story.. So, consider this a closing-up part to A9laan Ana Majnounak:

It was 5:12 AM. Joory was looking through her laptop to view old pictures.. She fished through the Year 2009 folder. She smiled to the old silly pictures she had with Dalia & Jude in Chili's. She missed those days..

& then it hit her. It was just like a firing missile going right through her, killing every happy thought she had in her mind that moment. It brought back memories that she'd been pretending that she'd forget them. No, no.. She still remembers those vivid moments. She remembers every detail of that night.. It was October 17th, 2009. It was a picture of their hands, intertwined. His hands were a lot bigger than hers. She had her fingers perfectly and meticulously french manicured.

***He slowly slipped his hands into hers. It was the first time they'd ever held hands. She smiled. After hours and hours of talking, he suddendly bursted, 'Allaah! Aby a9aawer!'

She giggled, 'Shit9awer allah yehadaakk?'

He smiled, 'Al7een tshoufeen..' He grabbed his phone and hit the camera button. He took a picture of their hands. 'I've always wanted to take this picture..'

Joory looked at him. She knew that he was the one.***

'A picture is worth a thousand words,' they say. That picture was worth a million. It was a frozen moment of young love, affection, and the feeling of butterflies.

She opened a Microsoft Word Document and wiped her tear away as she typed on her laptop..

"Just trying to get things out of my chest here:

These are the worst four months I've ever encountered.. I simply cannot do this anymore."


"I hate you for breaking my heart. I hate you for stealing it. I hate you for not taking care of it. I hate you for sending me those horrible three long messages when I left to the airport. I hate you for not apologizing. I hate you for moving on. I hate you for letting me cry myself to sleep for many, many endless nights. I hate not knowing anything about you right now. I hate worrying about you right now. I hate you for letting me go, when you promised me that you never will. I HATE YOU."

"I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your dreamy eyes. I miss your long hair. I miss your smile. I miss your face. I miss your hands. I miss your amazing perfume. I miss how our fingers intertwined. I miss how you hug me and I get squished because I'm not tall enough. I miss how you use the annoying nickname that I hate. I miss how you call me at 4am, making sure that I took my medication. I miss how you get all jealous. I miss your freaky weird laughs that I absolutely love. I miss your cat. I miss how you sigh every time I talk about studying. I miss how you dance. I miss how you hold me, and making me forget the rest of the world. I miss your one fils. I miss your baby face. I miss how you simply stare at me for a long, LONG time. I miss how you think that I'm beautiful. I miss your Kit-Kat obsession. I miss how you held my wrist when I was walking away. I miss when you kiss my forehead. I miss your fear for dogs. I miss your freakishly long legs. I miss how you brighten my day by calling me. I miss how thin you are. I miss how you refuse to take a shower after our date, because my smell lingers in your clothes. I miss resting my head on your shoulder. I miss our special 'date place'. I miss seeing your number calling on my cellphone. I miss how you get angry when I have to go back home. I miss it when you talk to me about your troubles, asking me for my opinion. I miss our stupid fights. I miss how you call me two seconds later, apologizing. I miss how you tell me that you love me. I miss how you don't know how to flirt. I miss getting ready to see you. I miss how you say my name. I miss your respect to me. I miss it when you call me your wife. I miss it when you make plans for the future.

I miss when you were here."

"I can't even listen to Michael Jackson, Abdulmajeed's Million Kha6er, nor Ya Mounyati. Don't even think about Akon's Beautiful; our song. They all remind me of you. I literally had to delete them from my iTunes."

"I close my eyes in misery and shudder whenever I hear your name, hear your voice, or smell your perfume randomly. I close my eyes in misery and try to forget. I close my eyes in misery and fail to."

"I can't believe your gone. I can't believe you moved on. Did you?"

"Put me out of my misery, please?"

"No, I can't forget you.
And yes, you are my first and only love of my life."

'said your so beautiful, so damn beautiful.'

i love you.

Joory closed the Microsoft Word Document. A warning popped up on the window. 'Do you want to save the changes you made to "Document 1"?'

She stared at the screen for a long time. She clicked on, 'Don't Save.'

Joory got up and got ready for bed. She snuggled under her cold covers and closed her eyes. It was just yet another miserable night she'd have to cry herself to sleep.

ps; juju, you understand me, don't you? wish you were here to help me through this misery.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes2elouuni Laih A7ibek, 7oub Ma7abah Bashar.. (2)

Shaikha stared at him, not knowing what to do. She felt so stupid. He was still holding her, not knowing what to do either. Shaikha quickly got her balance back and stammered, "Uhh, umm.. Mashkour magasaart.."

He smiled, "La, shda3wa 3adi.." He bent down and picked up the pieces from the phone and put them back together for her.

"Mashkour.." Shaikha said as he handed her the phone. Their fingers softly stroked inadvertently. Shaikha quickly pulled away. She looked down and tucked her hair behind her ears.

"Walaaw.." He said huskily and smiled.

'Oh my god, laa2 wayd wayd jaameel!' Shaikha thought silently to herself. She couldn't even look at him. He was tanned, had a smokin' hot body, and short hair. His face was absolutely perfect. He possessed big almond dark eyes and a straight sharp nose.

Shaikha hurridley walked back to the restaurant. She couldn't wait a second longer to tell her best friend what horror she just had face. However, he was still there, just looking at her leave. He didn't know what it was, but there was something about her..

Fajer stuffed herself with the appetizer they just ordered. It was absolutely scrumptious. Shaikha was literally running back to Fajer.

"Shfeech, shfeech?!" Fajer managed to choke with her full mouth. She slurped down some diet coke and wiped her mouth with a napkin she had on her laps.

Shaikha was out of breath, but she managed to tell her the situation. "Typical Shaikha!" Fajer slapped her thighs and started laughing. "Dayman clumsy!"

"Ya kalbaaa..!" Shaikha blushed. "Fajer, wallah fashla."

"3adi 3adi," smiled Fajer. She stirred her diet coke with the straw to move the ice in a circular motion. "Inzain, magelteeli, shkan labes?"

Shaikha used gestures as she explained, "Navy blue polo shirt and grey jogging pants.." Fajer approved by giving her a thumbs up. She picked up her burger and continued eating. Her fingers were greasy, she did not care less, since it was damn good.

The girls finished their lunch and headed back to the car. As Shaikha got her keys out, Fajer blurted out, "I can't believe you're leaving for three months.. Boulah 3alaich wayyd Shayoukh.."

Shaikha frowned. She was supposed to leave in a few days to the states. Shaikha hugged her best friend to placate her.

They climbed in the car, and both looked at themselves at the mirror and adjusted themselves. Shaikha re-applied her lipstick while Fajer put her hair back in a sleek ponytail.

Shaikha backed up the car and looked in her iPod to find the song she wanted. She fastforwarded into the good parts of the song. Fajer opened the car roof while Shaikha turned up the volume loudly. A cool breeze swiftly brushed on their skin.

She slowed time every time there was an indication of pedestrians crossing.

Mohammed Abdou beautifully sang, 'Madri ela elyouumm, tolah 3ala ma'6naak, wela entaha 7uby? Ya gaayed elreem thekraak maghayebat 3an kha6eri sa3a! Rou7y lek ya saken elrou7 nazaa3a.. Meta elwasool goul? Gouul gouul! Bajeebak wasaabeg alsa3aa!'

Shaikha softly sang along as she drummed the beat on her steering wheel and slowly rocked left and right.

She closed her eyes for a second and absorbed the beauty of Arabic music. Mohammed Abdou's voice, the drums, and the sounds of violin filled her ears. Shaikha opened her eyes.

She spotted something beautiful standing there, just standing there, staring at her. Standing by the pedestrian crosswalk next to the automatic gates, he was holding his phone and merely stared at her. Shaikha slowly stepped on the break and came to a full stop to let him pass through.

She motioned for him to go and smiled. He smiled back and thanked her. As he crossed, he heard the song and chuckled quietly to himself. This was a song he recognized and loved.

'3ala elbal, kul eltafaseel, 3ala elbal..' He thought to himself and walked to his car.

Fajer was struck with awe, "Hatha uhwa?" She lowered the music and looked at Shaikha. Shaikha drove her car out and nodded, "Yuuup.."

"Laa, laa! Eyaaanin Shaiks!" smiled Fajer. Shaikha threw her head back and laughed. A dry breeze stroked on their skin.

The car sped through zigzags in the Gulf Road. Soon after, they arrived and went to grab Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

"Two Hazelnut coffee with extra cream and three splendas please!" said Fajer, almost robotically. The girls were used to their order in the states.

"Anything else, ma'am?" asked the Philipino as he punched in the order on the cashier.

Shaikha scanned through the racks of vibrant colors of fresh donuts. "Tabeen Boston Kreme?" she asked.

"Eeeh! Eeeeeh! Walah yebteeha 9a7.." smiled Fajer. "& two Boston Kreme donuts please.."

Typically, they had a fight over the bill. The girls both shoved their money in the man's face. "Okay! Okay!" Shaikha held Fajer's wrist, wanting to negotiate. "Entay def3ai ihnee, bas namai 3indenah elaila ou enrou7 eljam3eya neshtiree 5arabee6 3alayy ana, okay?"

Fajer paused and thought for a second, "Shaiks, Latgi9een 3alay! Akeed eljam3eya betkon a'3la men ihnee!" She wagged her finger and Shaikha.

Shaikha laughed, "Yalaaaaaa 3ad Fajour! Bala me9a5a 5an5ales!"

Fajer grunted as she handed him the 10 KD bill, "You'll get past it this time.." They grabbed their coffees and bag of donuts and headed towards the sea.

"Wai3! Laish labseen k3ooba malat 3alaina?" whined Fajer. "Abe atmasha 3al ba7ar 3ala ra7ti!"

Shaikha stopped and squealed, "E7na dayman en7e6 jouwati ou ihdoum bel dabbaa men el gym! 5anchayek yemkin feeh shai?"

Fajer opened her eyes wide, "Walah ely yesma3na al7een yegooloon 3annah meyaneen!"

Shaikha giggled and headed back to her car carefully, she did not want to spill her coffee. She unlocked the car and opened the back trunk. Fajer spotted one pair of black flats and gold sandals. She handed Shaikha the black flats, knowing that it was best to go with her outfit, and the gold went with her own. Shaikha put down the drinks & sat down. Both took of their shoes and threw them back, replacing them with the comfortable shoes.

"Fajour, tabeen inrou7 ba7ar thani? Emshaiy 3indey 5osh mokan!" said Shaikha as she closed the door of the trunk.

"Entay oo 6al3aatich hathi! Yalaa, yala meshaina.." smiled Fajer.

7:19pm, car.

Automatically, the iPod went on and played songs. 'El3umr lare7t mayeswa, walaah mayeswa! 5ith rou7y, 5ith galbi, 5ith 3umri ya haneyaali.. Lek 7ayati yal ghala fedwa, kelee lek fedwa: 3eshgi gharaami, heyaami, 7uby elghaali!'

The Eqa3aat started forming, and slowly took over the car's speakers. The beat shook the chairs and the body of the car in a rhythm.

"Walaa3teni, sahaaaarteniiii, yaaa mounyaatii ib7oubak! Dam inee anaa, mayet 3alaah, bamshii ana ib darbiiik.." sang Fajer. "Haa, haa wain ray7a Shaiks?!" screamed Fajer over the loud music.

"Trust me," smiled Shaikha. She drove her car through the deep dry sand as the engine roared furiously. She parked exactly next to the shoreline. Shaikha adjusted the car so the back trunk faced the ocean. The plan was to sit on the trunk and drink their coffee.

"Laaa, laa! Ta3jebeeeeeni! Waii 7ada eyanin elmukan!" swooned Fajer as she swung the door open.

Shaikha sighed as she closed the door slowly. Grabbing their steaming hot coffee, they sat down on the trunk and kicked their shoes off.

"They call this coffee?" choked Fajer after she sipped her drink.

"Laish shfeeh?" asked Shaikha.

"Entay thougeeeeh awal, ba3dain goleeli shfeeh!"

After taking a large sip, Shaikha made a face. She did not like her coffee, "Shinsawe ba3ad? At least we have donuts!" she pointed out.

Fajer nodded and got them out. She sunk her teeth into her donut. Custard cream filled her mouth with delight, "Yummm.."

"So, um," Shaikha licked her thumb and said, "Shloun Fahad?"

Fajer smiled, "I really think he likes me a lot.."

Shaikha slightly punched her best friend's arm, "Men9ijech?! Akeed he does!"

Fajer & Fahad were simply strictly friends in university; however, Shaikha knew that there is a definite potential in love waiting for them to have the opportunity to grasp it.

The music still went on, 'Laftah, ou 6aif ibtesamaa, mithel fajer khajouul.. Takhshi 3ala el7oub alra'6ee3 kelmat 3adouul.. La, laa tekhafii laa! Galbi sam3 9amtik, 9outyy 9adaa hamsek.. Wenti? Wenti ribee3 el3umr fee kol alfusoool!'

The song was absolutely beautiful and calm. The girls sat in silence and stared at the dark crashing sea. They absolutely loved the sea. It wasn't the sea they knew. Tonight, it was flooding to shore angrily, and forced all the sand grains away from it.

Fajer sighed and cracked her fingers. Shaikha's phone broke the silence and rang. It was her mother, informing her that she should get back home and start her packing. She was leaving in just a few days..

"Tsa3deeni?" Shaikha attempted to copy Fajer's puppy face.

Fajer laughed, "Akeeed! Bas eyaani weyach tqaldeeen my technique!"

Shaikha giggled as she jumped out of the truck. She sat on the driver's seat sideways and brushed the sand away from her feet and wore her flats, carefully, in order not to get any sand in the car. Fajer shook her head smiled, 'Shaiks and her weird neatness..' She did the same in respect. Shaikha shifted the gear and backed up.

"Degayy 3ala Khalti ou gouleelaha inech bitnameen 3indee.."said Shaikha.

Fajer grabbed her phone and dialed her mom's number, "Inshaalah.." She got permission and closed the phone.

As soon as they got on the Gulf Road, Shaikha looked at her best friend and nodded, "Yala DJ!"

Fajer laughed and looked through the iPod. She selected David Guetta's Gettin' Over You.

"Allaaaaaah!" Shaikha smiled, "La ghal6anaa chithee I'm going to get a speeding ticket!" She sped and turned the volume up.

Fajer heard a car speeding there way. She glanced at the mirror and saw a blue Cayman speeding through the cars. Soon after before she knew it, the driver was balancing the car's speed to match theirs.

"Gi6a3, shfeeh hatha?" Shaikha jerked her head away.

Fajer giggled, "Maaaadriiii!"

This was a situation every Kuwaiti girl would have to encounter in her life. Stupid, stupid Kuwaiti men would follow her home helplessly, hoping for a chance.

"Yala Shaiks, do your magic!" Fajer winked at her. She looked at him again, he was grinning foolishly with a friend of his. His friend kept on trying to steal a glance at the girls. She laughed in silence and looked at her friend in order for them not to see her, "Way shakelhom ghabi Shayoooooouukh!" She explained to her what was going on.

Shaikha laughed and stepped on the gas and the engine roared furiously. She concentrated as she sped even faster, attempting to lose the losers.

The car's bass trembeled as the song played. The techno was absolutely mind-blowing.

Fajer gave her two thumbs up and nodded. They lost them.

"Aah, home sweet home!" Shaikha sighed as she pulled over and lowered the music. "Yala, time to have one hell of a night!"


3ala elbal, Mohammed Abdou
El3umr mayeswa, Elwasmy
Gettin' Over You, David Guetta